Roger Hutton(罗杰·赫顿)
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Roger Hutton

Born in Stourbridge England

Contact Details

Mail: Modern Physics Institute, Fudan University, 220 Handan Road, Shanghai 200433, China.   


Phone:   +86 21 6565 3094

FAX:     +86 21 6564 2787

Educated in England up to Masters level and in Sweden from above masters.

University Education

Lunds Universitet, Sweden, 1983-1988, Phd. in Atomic Spectroscopy. Supervisor Professor Indrek Martinson,

Queen Elizabeth College (London), 1978-1979, London, research student in optics

Imperial College, University of London, 1977-1978, Msc in Applied Optics

University of Birmingham, England, 1974-1977, Bsc in Mathematical Physics

Postdoctoral Positions.

Manne Siegbahn Laboratory, Stockholm, 1990-1991.

Lawrence Berkeley/Livermore Laboratories, 1988-1990

Academic Positions

Director of the State Key Laboratory of Applied Ion Beam Physics, Fudan University, 2009-

Full Professor, Modern Physics Institute, Fudan University, Shanghai, China, 2005 –

Associate Professor, Astronomi, Lunds Universitet, 2002 – 2005

Associate Professor, Atomic Spectroscopy, Lunds Universitet, 1994-2002.

Researcher, Atomic Spectroscopy, Lunds Universitet, 1991-1994

Other Professional Activities

Optical Engineer, InfraRed Engineering Ltd., Maldon, Essex, UK, 1980 – 1983.

Visiting researcher, Atomic Physics Laboratory, RIKEN, Japan 1998-2000.

Currently Visiting Astronomer, Muedon Observatory, Paris.

Publications etc.

Over 100 publications in refereed journals covering fields from atomic spectroscopy to collisions of slow and ultra-relativistic particles.

Publications, which I have been involved with, have been cited in over 300 papers where I am not an author. Co-editor on a book on the Physics of Highly Charged Ions (Taylor and Francis 2011).

Grants etc.

Numerous grants from Swedish and EU agencies and also from the RIKEN laboratory in Japan.

2007  Natural Science Foundation of China, X ray detection development, 1.8 million  Chinese yuan.

Administration work.

Co-chaired five international workshops in recent years and co-edited proceedings for three of the meetings. Member of the international organizing committees for the following conferences: Physics of Highly Charged Ions (HCI), Atom Structure and Oscillator Strengths (ASOS) and Physics of Electronic, Atomic and Photonic Collisions (ICPEAC).


Six Phd students and 4 masters students, courses on Atomic Spectroscopy, Highly Charged Ion Physics and Scientific Writing.